The Fiber Mill

We are a family run carding / dyeing mill nestled in the beautiful northeast kingdom of Vermont. We specialize in custom carding and blending your fibers  (or ours) into easy to spin pin drafted roving, roving, or batts. We also offer custom dyeing.We can dye your fiber or and transform it  into something completely different that no one else has because no dye job is identical.

My Story

My Name Elizabeth Conway. I've been working with fiber as long as I can remember. I probably starting on and off knitting when I was about 8 or 9.In middle school I learned cross stitch and fell in love with it and made lots of projects. However, knitting was in the background, I think because its so portable, epesially in collage while I was studying to get my masters degree in animal science.


I learned how to spin when I was pregnant with my second daughter and that's when I really got into the fiber world. So much so that I decided to open a mill! I opened the mill in CT in 2007 when I was 8 months pregnant and ran it till 2013 when I had to put things on hold because life got crazy.


Fast forward to 2016 when things finally settled down and we were situated in Northern Vermont and ready to re-open the mill. We moved all the equipment up here and set things up and got it up and running and opened May 2017.

Then disaster struck on July 31st, 2017. My full time job is on a dairy farm as the calf manager where I took care of all the babies. I was helping a mama Cow give birth when she decided she didn't want the help and came after me. I woke up a week later in the ICU at UVM. I don't remember it, but the cow had broken my sternum, tore my aorta (7/8 of it was torn), had 6 broken ribs, and a hole in my esophagus. Because of the blood loss I ended up having a right brain stroke, meaning my left side wasn't working. It took this past year and lots of dr. appointments, therapy, driver retraining, and basicly re-learning how to do everything in a new way. I used to be left handed so I think that has been the hardest hurdle to overcome.

At the end of June I have been able to slowly ease back into working both on the farm and in the mill (both part time), I love everything I do and wouldn't trade any of it. Its been a long year, I still can't do everything I want to and get tired, but my Left hand continues to slowly (very slowly)  improve. i still have OT and PT once a week to work on things. Im determined to get back as much as possible. I would not be where I am without all the help I have received from friends, family, my girls, and John. It has been a huge lesson in patience for all of us! 


658 Dimick Rd. East Hardwick, VT |  |  Tel. 802.274.5666

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