Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Pin Drafted roving?
A: Pin Drafted Roving is fiber that has gone through a piece of equipment called the pin drafter. The pin drafter is a large piece of equipment that prepares the fibers for spinning. It has a series of combs on the top and bottom that work together to stretch out the roving that came from the carder to make it thinner and more consistent. For hand spinners this is wonderful because everything is pre-drafted for you so there is no need to "fluff" up your roving or pull it into smaller strips. Just open the bag or center pull ball and start spinning.
2.Why did I get back less fiber than I sent?
A. The reason for this because if you are sending in wool, there is lanolin on the fleece and depending on the breed this could make up a large portion of the weight. For example, merino fleeces have lots of lanolin, about 20-40% of the fleeces weight. Moisture content also plays a large role in the weight of the fleece. If its freshly shorn then it is going to weigh more than if you let it dry out a little. Finally the quality of the fleece, if it is super clean and well skirted then we won't have remove anything for waste. If it is dirty and has lots of vegtable matter in it then we have to remove those sections because they will ruin the rest of the fleece as well as the mill equipment.
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