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What am I working on when I’m not in the mill...

I thought it would be a good idea to every once in a while to show all the things that I’ve been up to weather in the mill or on the side. Since I do things a lot slower these days and I can’t finish projects super fast. Actually, it would probably make you cringe if you saw how slow I knit, but you know what, that is perfectly ok with me. If The stroke has taught me one major thing and that is patience, lol. I take things slow and if I can’t do something I put it down for a bit, think of an easier way, or try again next week. Just don’t give up. The same goes for everyone out that is learning something new, just take your time, if it's hard that's ok, it just means when you figure it out, you will own it!

I find it's easier for me to have one knitting, one crochet blanket, and a spinning project going at once, holy smokes, that sounds like a lot now that I typed it out!.

First up is my colorwork sweater, November, by Jessica McDonald Designs. I’m super excited that it's coming along as well as it is. I’m knitting it up in my non-super wash worsted weight base, Catamount, that I have yet to release. There have been a few bumps in the road but, I’m learning a ton, mainly things I already knew but, no matter how good you are you still make mistakes. This was the first time trying colorwork since I got hurt and I was ready for the challenge. When I knit the colorwork I can't use both hands so I have to drop one color and then pick up the other one. It's slow but it works.

I made it about halfway through the pattern before I realized I was off by like three stitches. Of course, I kept trying to “fix” the mistake but, instead, it just kept getting worse I finally had to rip back about 8 rows or more until I got to the right Stitch count again, then I was good to go. The only problem was I kept getting all tangled up because at this point I was working with three colors at a time. I knew that knitting bobbins existed but, I had never used them. I tried making up the butterflies, that didn't work.

I finally decided to make up my own bobbins by cutting out rectangles of cardboard from a cereal box, what a game changer! I don't think I'll ever do colorwork without these. You do have more ends to weave in but, on the rectangle homemade bobbins, you can make them at any size you want so they hold more yarn. I did order some plastic ones on Amazon but, I’m returning them because they are pretty heavy and were pulling on the project. The homemade ones are better and they are free!

the next thing I've been working on is my granny stripe blanket. I am loving this. I started this a long time ago, before I got hurt so it's probably been at least 4 years ago. I’m not going by a pattern. I just chained enough stitches long enough that it would fit a queen-size bed.

I'm using an F hook from Happy Polymer crochet hooks. The yarn I'm using is all fingering weight from all different projects I've worked on. Some of the yarn is even handspun. This is going to take me a long time, but I know it will be my favorite blanket ever.

My current spinning project is some of a BFL fiber that I've had in the mill for a while. I’ve been really wanting to knit Andrea Mowry’s shift pattern using up some of my handspun that I’ve been saving for a special project, I just needed to find a good contrasting yarn.

I had one yarn that I really wanted to use, but could never find a good contrast color so I had some friends help give me some color ideas. I dyed up some samples, to see which worked the best, but I decided the gold gave the right pop. I think stood out the best with the reds and greens. I think this will be a great summer mindless knit and hopefully, it will be done it time for fall.

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