*Our pricing is based on incoming weight 


Washing, Picking, Carding, and Pin Drafting

10 lb minimum*

  • Wool - $18/lb

  • Alpaca- $19/lb

  • Exotics-$20-$22/lb​​

 Please note that heavy greased fleeces may need extra washing for $6.00/wash

 *We can take smaller batches, however there will be a base charge of $180.  Remember,fleeces can be processed separately , Please be sure to label  each order clearly.

Alpaca- Depending on the alpaca fleeces they may need to be blended with 15-30% wool in order for the fiber run throughh the equipment well. If this is the case I will contact you if I need to.


  • $25/hr

* Fleeces should be sorted and all major vegetable​ matter removed. If more skirting is needed the mill will charge an hourly rate.

Available Blending Fibers

  • Silk- $4.50/oz

  • Bamboo- $1.00/oz

  • merino- $2.5/oz

  • Camel- $5.00/oz

  • Corrieadale (US grown)- $1.50/oz

  • Angelina  (sparkle)- $2.00/oz


  • Tonal Colors​​                   $12/lb                            

  • Blending                          $5/lb                                        

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